Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Oh dear some thoughts, plus a card - thankfully!

It's interesting, today I visited Carole a fellow DT members blog and her comment about toppers really made me think.

I have to admit that sometimes when I look around at people's blogs I'm almost always thinking "I wish I had that stamp/die/whatever new product they have" or "My cards never look that good, how do they do it?" So much to the point that it's gone beyond wanting to make cards for people to being a case of I want my creations to be noticed and forgetting that I started making cards for the fun of it. In the past I got burnt out on Kanban toppers and decided that using them wasn't "proper" crafting but as Carole says it's what you choose to do with them that matters.

I do believe that cards can be a little gift on their own. I like nothing better than receiving handmade cards, they always make me feel really loved.  I like that people have thought about me enough to take time to create something. I adore the ones my nieces send me, they're always so sweet and full of things they know I like (cats mostly haha). So my belated sort of resolution this year is to remember why I started making cards and to really create things with a sense of fun, not just to show off my colouring or my latest crafty investment. I might not blog as much, as this might mean I'm sewing, baking or messing around with Fimo instead of only making cards, we'll see. So thanks Carole for making me think!

Anyway,  here's a card. Just before Christmas my uncle underwent major heart surgery. This is the card I made for him.

Clearly Besotted - Sky's The Limit Stamps and Dies
Memory Box - Parker Lower Alphabet

I wanted to create a card that gave the impression of passing through a bad time and finding something nice on the other side, hence the clouds and rainbow. Let me know if it worked. 

That's it from me today, thanks for stopping by, and please leave your own thoughts if you want to.


Kim x said...

Hi Feebsy, I know exactly what you mean. I love getting hand made cards and the cards that give me the most pleasure to make are the ones that people have requested of me.
Often I am just given a colour or she likes flowers, or fairies and then I can let my imagination run riot and use what ever product I choose, it is very liberating.
Enjoy your new year.
hugs Kimx

J said...

I'll tell you what - that card would definitely cheer you up!!

I find it very difficult to make random cards - I need the boundaries of a challenge or a specific request to spark my ideas.

But I do get a real joy from someone appreciating what I have done for them - they don't need to be effusive with praise, but if I can tell they really love it that makes my day.

My resolution is to actually use my stash instead of buying more... there is only so much room to store it!!!

coops said...

love this feebs.really fab design and the bright colours are gorgeous :D

xx coops xx

Bridie Payne said...

Really well designed card

Thank you so much for leaving a lovely comment on my blog

Have a fabulous evening!


Bridie@BGPayne Crafts